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This is where we explore what the Bible says about a person who is part of today’s LGBTQ+ community and whether they can serve in the church.

Which path do we take? Do we reject, or do we embrace?

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God – Male or female?

In around late 2014, I challenged myself to properly explore what I thought my theology was, in relation to how those in the LGBTQ+ community could have a relationship with God and still remain LGBTQ+.  That was in the days when I thought being LGBTQ+ as a choice.  How wrong that was!  The more I…

Rights (and Wrongs?)

This month I wanted to look at an issue that is becoming more and more of a problem, and that was how we regard our “rights”.  Demonstrators at a protest want to get their message across.  Sometimes it works and sometimes the message gets lost in the noise and heat.  When I read an article/watch…


This month there haven’t been any major hot-button topics to really get stuck into.  The Anglicans have been sitting back and evaluating the fallout from their synod.  The Scottish Gender Recognition Bill has sadly been kicked into the long grass with nary a clue as to when it’ll be changed or resuscitated.  So, what to…

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