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This is where we explore what the Bible says about a person who is part of today’s LGBTQ+ community and whether they can serve in the church.

Which path do we take? Do we reject, or do we embrace?

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Imago Dei

Way back, before I was born, before any of us were born, back before the Romans, before Moses, before Noah, there was a garden.  Whether this garden was literal or figurative doesn’t matter.  Within this garden, God created the first people.  We are told that these people were made in the image of God, meaningContinue reading “Imago Dei”

New Birth – An Invitation

I will get back to folk telling their stories and experiences in due course, but in the meantime, we are within touching distance of Christmas Day, and my mind was drawn to that story of the first Christmas and who saw the infant Christ first.  Some folk were in the right place at the rightContinue reading “New Birth – An Invitation”

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