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If you want to download the work chapter by chapter in bite-size chunks, each chapter is released in a .pdf format. Simply click on the PDF hyperlink beside the chapter name to download. If you want it in a different format, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do, but no promises!

Alternatively, right-click the hyperlink, and from the resulting menu select “Save Target As …” or “Save link as…” or “Save linked content as …” You will then be asked where you want to save it. It’s probably best to save it initially to your Desktop and then you can decide later where you want to move it to.

Dropbox download(s). I had a problem with one chapter download, stored on the website servers, which for some reason was getting corrupted and after more than 2 days exploring the issues with WordPress, and working to fix it, I had to admit defeat. So if there is reference to Dropbox in the link, it works by taking the file direct from my own Dropbox folder. Ignore the prompts, because you don’t need to sign in, or sign up, to Dropbox, unless you want to. Once you are taken to the Dropbox page, you should have a ‘sidebar’ on the right side of the page. [If not, hover your pointer/mouse over the document and a grey bar appears at the bottom, click on the ‘Show Sidebar’ icon on the left of the bar.] Then in the Sidebar, just click on the Download button (a downward arrow pointing to line below) and select Direct Download and it’ll save to your designated folder. I really apologise for any inconvenience.

Please let me know via the Contact pages if you have a problem downloading.

TitlePagesDropboxGoogle Docs
Ch1 – Setting The Scene – Where Do We Find Ourselves Today?16th Jan 2021.27PDF here
Ch2 – Scripture and/or Science6th Feb.13PDFhere
Ch3 – Sexual relationships and the Bible20th Feb.19PDFhere
Ch4 – The Responses of Church and Society to Sexuality6th Mar.30PDF here
Ch5 – Transgender/Transsexual Issues and Intersex – 20th Mar.27PDFhere
Ch6 – What the Bible Says about Trans3rd Apr.30PDFhere
Ch7 – Being Gay or Lesbian, and being a Christian – the groundwork17th Apr.30PDFhere
Ch8 – Being Gay or Lesbian, and being a Christian – some Bible problems – 1st May.29PDFhere
Ch9 – The “Clobber” passages – Genesis & Leviticus – 15th May.25PDFhere
Ch10 – Other Old Testament “Clobber” passages + Background for the New Testament passages – 29th May.12PDFhere
Ch11 – The “Clobber” passages – New Testament Passages – 12th June. 31PDFhere
Ch12 – Celibacy? – 26th June16PDFhere
Ch13 – A look at Conversion Therapy & Healing? – 10th July 13PDFhere
Ch14 – Disagreement, differences and Biblical final thoughts – 24th July. 31PDFhere
Ch15 – Marriage and Conclusions – 7th August.26PDFhere
The whole Essay as one file, including Resource List and Appendix – 21st Aug. (Also see QR code below)385PDFhere
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As an experiment, I have created a “Flipbook” version of the full essay which you can view here:

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It is not available offline, as the costs are prohibitive, especially as I don’t plan further Flipbooks!

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