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A Look at History

Why is it that so many people, especially Christians, have such a negative view towards homosexuality?  Actually, it’s not as simple as that because Lesbianism has never been truly illegal in Britain, nor its colonies, whilst there have been many laws against male homosexuality – until quite recently.  Across Europe however, historically there have beenContinue reading “A Look at History”

Reflecting on my Pride

(Just like last month, as a bit of fun, look out for the hidden rock/pop song titles!) When I released my last blog, it was mere hours before a Pride March – my first “Pride” March (though not my first march), and since then I’ve been to a second.  So, what were the experiences like? Continue reading “Reflecting on my Pride”

My Story – Jane: “The most unlikely people… Sarah, Lawrence and Esther”

This month I return to what has become an occasional series. In earlier months we have heard Don and Sarah tell their stories and this month we hear from Jane. She writes: I didn’t really come from a Christian home.  I did come from an overcrowded home – five children in a two-up -two-down houseContinue reading “My Story – Jane: “The most unlikely people… Sarah, Lawrence and Esther””

Our Troubled World

Today I thought I’d take a step back and have a wider view at the very troubled world we live in.  Frequently our attention is on our community, our church, our town, and our nation, and how we, personally, are affected by what is happening there.  Will I be disturbed by whatever changes are afoot?Continue reading “Our Troubled World”


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