Tools for Reading and Understanding The Bible

Before we look at this week’s subject, I want to begin by commending the Netflix docu-film called “Pray Away”, which is about the ex-gay movement in America, but which is also very active in the UK.  It is a truly sobering 100 mins if you view it as a Christian.  At the conclusion of theContinue reading “Tools for Reading and Understanding The Bible”

Ch15 – Marriage and Conclusions

Well, we come to the last of the Blog Posts issued in conjunction with releasing a new chapter of my essay.  I have been thinking what to do next and I decided to approach a few of my gay friends to ask them whether they’d like to write something of their own stories, talking aboutContinue reading “Ch15 – Marriage and Conclusions”

Ch.14. – Disagreement, faith differences and some final thoughts

Yes, I’ve changed the title again!  I was never very happy with the original, and now we’re here I’ve come up with an alternative that almost works!  It sounds like it ought to be the final chapter, but we have one more, where I wanted to focus on marriage almost as a separate issue.  MarriageContinue reading “Ch.14. – Disagreement, faith differences and some final thoughts”

Ch.13. – A look at Conversion Therapy and Healing?

In the early days, as my theology began to transition, I spoke with the minister of my church about my change in thinking.  He talked in terms of homosexuality being either a sin or a disease, so as far as he was concerned as a Christian minister, he would want to see a person eitherContinue reading “Ch.13. – A look at Conversion Therapy and Healing?”

Ch.12. – Celibacy?

I understand some folks found the last blog a bit heavy.  Apologies.  This one will be significantly shorter and hopefully much easier.  I ended the last blog saying that I believe scripture cannot, and must not, be used to beat up on LGBTQ+ people.  My conclusion has been that there are no passages in theContinue reading “Ch.12. – Celibacy?”

Ch.11. – The “Clobber” passages – New Testament Passages.

June is celebrated as Pride month within The LGBTQ+ community, and if you are interested in how you, if you are a Christian, can view Pride, read the article on Premier Christianity: David Bennett and I take slightly differing views in our applications of our respective theological approaches, and over the next couple ofContinue reading “Ch.11. – The “Clobber” passages – New Testament Passages.”

Ch.10. – Other Old Testament “Clobber” passages + Background for the New Testament passages.

This is the briefest chapter but not necessarily the shortest blog!  In the chapter released today we will fleetingly reference the other OT passages and look at just one of them, and we’ll look at that same story here as well. You’ll have noticed I have slightly changed the chapter title from that originally shownContinue reading “Ch.10. – Other Old Testament “Clobber” passages + Background for the New Testament passages.”

Ch.9. – The “Clobber” passages – Genesis and Leviticus.

As promised, we now turn our attention to the passages commonly used to keep the knee on the neck of the LGBTQ+ community.  They have been used to suppress the community for the last fifty/sixty years, or so, and tend to get referred to as the “Clobber passages”, because Christians have used them in aContinue reading “Ch.9. – The “Clobber” passages – Genesis and Leviticus.”

Ch.8. – Being Gay or Lesbian, and being a Christian – some Bible problems.

This week we start to turn our full attention to what is written in the Bible.  We won’t be looking at the specific passages often referred to as the “clobber” passages till next time.  These are the ones frequently quoted to bolster the non-affirming, so-called “traditional” positions. Instead, this time I want to look atContinue reading “Ch.8. – Being Gay or Lesbian, and being a Christian – some Bible problems.”

Ch.7. – Being Gay or Lesbian, and being a Christian – the groundwork.

Before I deal with this week’s subject, I received a helpful email comment following my last post, where I was looking at what the Bible says about Trans.  One person, whose online handle when translated to English (using Google Translate) became “Light Calm” (which I liked a lot!), made the point that the issue ofContinue reading “Ch.7. – Being Gay or Lesbian, and being a Christian – the groundwork.”