Ch.5. – Transgender/Transsexual Issues and Intersex

This post probably covers the subject that will cause folks the most ire and has been the most difficult to write – and how do you find an image that doesn’t cause upset?!  There are so many rabbit-holes to fall down, and every likelihood I can offend every reader with something I say! People seemContinue reading “Ch.5. – Transgender/Transsexual Issues and Intersex”

Ch. 4. – The Responses of Church and Society to Sexuality

Why these pictures? Read on! How do the Church and society respond to issues of Sexuality?  In some senses it’s an issue or question that’s very easy to answer.  Poorly – in my view, but if I asked for a show of hands, how many of you think the church treats sexuality issues well?  ConsiderContinue reading “Ch. 4. – The Responses of Church and Society to Sexuality”

Ch.1 – The Beginning!

First of all I would recommend you read the About me page as this will explain why I’m writing and give some of my personal background by way of context. A few years ago I started writing an essay to work through my understanding of what the Bible says about those who are in theContinue reading “Ch.1 – The Beginning!”