My Story – Sarah

Last month I began a series where I ask someone else to tell me their story.  I have given little glimpse’s of my own story as part of my essay, which some of you will have read, but I haven’t personally experienced a situation where the Church effectively drives you away — rejecting you for something youContinue reading “My Story – Sarah”

Ch.5. – Transgender/Transsexual Issues and Intersex

This post probably covers the subject that will cause folks the most ire and has been the most difficult to write – and how do you find an image that doesn’t cause upset?!  There are so many rabbit-holes to fall down, and every likelihood I can offend every reader with something I say! People seemContinue reading “Ch.5. – Transgender/Transsexual Issues and Intersex”

Ch. 2. – Scripture and/or Science

In my first blog-post, I told you a little about my background and why I felt I needed to put down in writing why I had changed my mind about the Biblical position of those who identify as LGBTQ+, having had an upbringing in a very typical Baptist church in South London. Now we needContinue reading “Ch. 2. – Scripture and/or Science”

Ch.1 – The Beginning!

First of all I would recommend you read the About me page as this will explain why I’m writing and give some of my personal background by way of context. A few years ago I started writing an essay to work through my understanding of what the Bible says about those who are in theContinue reading “Ch.1 – The Beginning!”