Ch.10. – Other Old Testament “Clobber” passages + Background for the New Testament passages.

This is the briefest chapter but not necessarily the shortest blog!  In the chapter released today we will fleetingly reference the other OT passages and look at just one of them, and we’ll look at that same story here as well. You’ll have noticed I have slightly changed the chapter title from that originally shownContinue reading “Ch.10. – Other Old Testament “Clobber” passages + Background for the New Testament passages.”

Ch.9. – The “Clobber” passages – Genesis and Leviticus.

As promised, we now turn our attention to the passages commonly used to keep the knee on the neck of the LGBTQ+ community.  They have been used to suppress the community for the last fifty/sixty years, or so, and tend to get referred to as the “Clobber passages”, because Christians have used them in aContinue reading “Ch.9. – The “Clobber” passages – Genesis and Leviticus.”